President Moo Hwan Kim’s Third Year Since Inauguration
President Moo Hwan Kim’s Third Year Since Inauguration
  • Reporter Han Sang-yun
  • 승인 2021.12.14 00:54
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▲President Moo Hwan Kim
▲President Moo Hwan Kim


2021 is the third year since Moo Hwan Kim, the eighth President of POSTECH, took office. Marking the third anniversary of his inauguration, The Postech Times interviewed the president.

How do you feel about your third year as the President of POSTECH?
First and foremost, I feel grateful to all members of POSTECH.
As I have said since I took office as President, I want to be faithful to the founding ideology of POSTECH, to select a small number of elites, educate them, and support pioneering research to contribute to the country and the world. Since my second year in office, cooperative relations with globally leading companies have been established. We have signed contracts to establish a Department of Semiconductor Engineering with Samsung Electronics and we are opening an Apple Developer Academy. Also, we are planning to sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Google soon.
Recently, while visiting the United States, I felt the need to train medical scientists through engineering-based R&D-centered medical schools. I am grateful that POSTECH will establish an R&D-centered medical school soon.

After taking office, there are changes that students feel directly, such as the library renovation. What are the reasons for your interest in student welfare?
The only drawback of POSTECH is that there is no place to have fun near campus. Most students stay at school for about 10 years until they get their Ph.D. degree, so I hope they will enjoy their 20s at school. In addition, the happiness of school members is the most effective way to promote our school. Hence, we are putting a lot of effort into student welfare.

What other plans do you have for improving facilities?
The Colosseum (e-sports bar), where you can enjoy e-sports, will open on Feb. 2022. Next spring, a convenience store, cafe, and PIER320 will open on the second floor of the library. Also, dormitory #14, the graduate student’s apartment #2, and the log cabin will be remodeled.

What benefits will the Apple Developer Academy provide?
Apple Developer Academy is an R&D support center for small businesses. It is our duty to help small companies grow by supporting their R&D. The Apple Developer Academy plans to train 200 developers each year. Hopefully, small companies in Pohang will gain global competitiveness and leap forward as leaders in the IT industry.

What does POSTECH need to overcome in order to grow into a global leading university?
There are limitations to our university in terms of region, scale, and finance. Regional limitations can be resolved by applying a metaverse on campus, and the limitations of scale will be overcome through an expansion centered on the Department of Semiconductor Engineering made with Samsung Electronics. Financial limitations are hoped to be solved through investment from startups and external funds.