Major Changes in the Academic Calendar
Major Changes in the Academic Calendar
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▲The new Fall Semester and Winter Recess schedule
▲The new Fall Semester and Winter Recess schedule


To mitigate any further confusion or disruption that may arise from the continuing spread of COVID-19, POSTECH has officially announced the following changes to the fall semester.
The start of the semester will be expedited by one week. The first three weeks (Aug. 31 to Sept. 18) will be dedicated to experiment and practice courses. These courses will be held on campus; however, in the event of a confirmed case or other serious circumstances, all offline courses will be aborted until further notice.
A separate course registration confirmation and add/drop period will be held to account for this excess three-week period. Furthermore, any credits from this period will be acknowledged even in the case of a leave of absence, and “Incomplete” grades may also be given when courses are unable to continue due to COVID-19.
Regular courses will proceed from Sept. 21 to Dec. 31 for 15 weeks. All courses will be required to switch between offline and online formats flexibly depending on the situation. Students will be later notified whether courses will be held on campus or online.
Since the end of the semester is delayed by one week, the winter recess will be shortened by one week accordingly. The commencement date (Feb. 5) and the start of the spring semester of 2021 (Feb. 22) will remain the same.

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