Making Space for Debate and Discussion
Making Space for Debate and Discussion
  • Lee Seung-ah
  • 승인 2020.07.14 18:38
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Reporter Lee Seung-ah
Reporter Lee Seung-ah

As a child, I loved reading and the messages books carried. They told me the past, then the present, and finally the future. I also admired authors and poets. From the perspective of a young booklover, writers were magicians and more. Few letters written by them kept people alert and cheerful and gave room for thought. Under their influence, I wrote my own novels and poems. However,  few of my writings were read by others. When I grew a little older, I started reading magazines and newspapers at a city library. That was when I first thought of writing a newspaper article.
After entering middle school, I was provided an opportunity to join the school’s newspaper club. Although my writings had been based on my personal opinions and thoughts before, I had to produce articles based on facts only, since accurate information was necessary for newspapers. As I wrote various kinds of articles, I realized that my favorite kind of article was newspaper columns. A column not only delivers information but also suggests a new point of view to readers, making room for various opinions. I think it is the most communicative article a journalist can write. One day in middle school, I found some students sharing their opinions about a column I wrote in the school newspaper. The emotion and thrill I felt at the time is inexpressible.
I have two goals as a reporter of the The Postech Times. First of all, I will deliver issues that are worth thinking about. I hope to write meaningful columns and to offer room for debate and discussion. As the Jews say, “the importance of debate and discussion is ineffable.” I wish Postechians, including myself, will become critical readers and leaders, so I promise to deliver many topics.
Secondly, I will write articles that are easy to read. It is truly hard to read formal writings, especially if they are written in English. I believe that many readers may feel rejected when reading such writings. Therefore, I will try to write in a formal way but also in a readable way.
As a freshman, being a new reporter is a real challenge, but I hope my articles will well-inform the thankful readers of the The Postech Times.

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