The Special Spark of Writing that Dazzles Me
The Special Spark of Writing that Dazzles Me
  • Kim Seo-jin
  • 승인 2020.07.14 18:36
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Since I was a high school student, I always had a secret desire to express my opinions through written language. Although there were many opportunities to scribble along for homework purposes, it did not qualify as serious “writing” according to my strict standards. After reading these two sentences, readers will most likely ask; if so Seo-jin, what does “writing” mean to you?
  To me, writing is very special, because every word, every sentence is intendedly placed within the lines. Unlike spoken language, which tends to be spontaneous and unplanned, written language is much more deliberate and mindful. In specific, if the writer rereads his or her phrase and feels that the words do not utterly convey his or her message, he or she can revise the draft until every bit of the writing communicates the exact meaning.
This does not apply to sentimental writing such as diary excerpts, poems, or love letters only. The essence of writing holds in objective passages too, including articles. Articles are impartial and, therefore, must be written without personal feelings intervened. Also, they must articulate the facts of an event very clearly. In order to achieve this very goal, the reporter must observe the incident neutrally and closely in many angles. When writing an article, every single word should be chosen thoughtfully, so that the reporter’s observations and other viewpoints regarding the incident are straightforward to whoever reads it.
These are my thoughts on the essence of writing, journalism-wise. My resolution as a newbie student reporter at The Postech Times is to always keep these points in mind. There will definitely be times when article due dates are pressurizing, too many headlines are waiting to be covered, and, to make the situation worse, personal schoolwork are piled on top of everything. Even in these disastrous circumstances, I will put top priority on conveying information accurately as mentioned above for every article I write. I will always be cautious of the fact that even a single phrase miswritten can have a devastating impact on innocent fellow Postechians, and I promise to take my responsibilities seriously.

Reporter Kim Seo-jin
Reporter Kim Seo-jin


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