Leaving The Postech Times
Leaving The Postech Times
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2020.02.13 19:11
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On April 2, 2018, I was appointed to the position of an assistant reporter. On March 4, 2020, I will be retiring from The Postech Times. Even as I am writing this column it is surreal to imagine that it has already been two years. It really has passed in a blink of an eye. The end and closure of leaving an organization is always a sad affair. Even though I am leaving on my own accord, it is still unfortunate that I will not be able to enjoy The Postech Times reporter experience anymore.
However, along with sad emotions, there is a feeling of fulfillment and happiness. During the two years, I experienced a great deal with so many people. In every aspect, my time at The Postech Times was exhilarating. Doing reporter work, writing articles, interviewing people, was exciting and fun. Along with the interesting work, cooperating and bonding with my colleagues and fellow reporters was also a pleasure.
The Postech Times helped me experience something out of my normal routine. Usually, I do not take an interest in anything other than my studies. During major school events like the Postech-Kaist Science War (PoKa War) and Sunrise Festival, I would have just gone home or slept through it. But covering these events as a reporter, it made me go to events I typically would not have gone. In the end, all of them were worth my time and allowed me to understand how much work goes in to make an article happen and I have come to appreciate it that much more. 
Providing coverage on-campus events of every kind, academic and non-academic subjects or writing articles introducing research was fulfilling in that it provided me with new information. Especially for the non-academic articles. In doing so, knowledge, facts, opinions I would have glossed over, I was exposed to and learned a great deal from. In a way, I was not only providing information to our readers but to myself as well. 
From an assistant reporter to becoming a full-fledged reporter, I could not have done it without the help of my colleagues. While being an assistant and not knowing what to do, it was my seniors that guided me. Now, juniors make working with them such a joy. After a hard semester, drinking and hanging out together, even during the semester, dining and hanging out, all those moments form an integral part of the brilliant memories I have. It is perhaps them, the relationships that I formed along the way are the most important things I will take away from my experience as a reporter.
In retrospect, The Postech Times gifted me with so many precious opportunities and moments. I am leaving a bit sad, but am still incredibly happy to have worked at The Postech Times. The student reporter chapter of my life is nearing an end. It left me with forever lasting incredible memories. Even though I used plenty of adjectives, it feels like there is no sufficient adjective that fully describes how much this experience has meant to me. 
Another exciting new chapter is on the horizon. I do not know what it will exactly entail, but experiences and lessons learned in my reporter chapter, will, no doubt be helpful. With this, I say thank you to all my colleagues that supported me and bid an early goodbye to all our readers.