Halloween Party at Student Union Building
Halloween Party at Student Union Building
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▲People at Atlas Hall for the best costume selection
▲People at Atlas Hall for the best costume selection


The 33rd Student Union of POSTECH, Ak-bo, hosted a special Halloween party on the first-floor of the Student Union building on Oct. 31 for three hours from 9:00 P.M.. The theme of this year’s Halloween party was ancient Europe. The setting of the Halloween party was largely divided into two sections: Atlas Hall for special concerts, and first-floor hall and Serio for Halloween booths.
At 9:00 P.M., the Halloween party started with SARMTER at the Atlas Hall, performing Korean traditional percussion quartet performance. The jazz concert hosted by Blue Peanuts followed. The president of Blue Peanuts, Ha Seok-yun (CSE 18) commented that “because Halloween is a party that a lot of exchange students and foreign researchers enjoy, Blue Peanuts decided to play songs that are familiar to them. So, we decided to play Take the ‘A’ train, What a wonderful world, and other famous jazz pieces.” After the Blue Peanuts’ performance, there was an event to select the best costume. After that, there was a hip-hop performance by the members of P-FUNK by the name of “Suicide Squid”. The last on the special concert line-up was DJing Booth.
At the event, there were some free services. One of the free services was free cocktails provided by the Student Union. For those who preferred a sober night, the booth included non-alcoholic drinks. Another free service was the photo booth in between the first-floor hall and Serio. The manager of the photo booth took polaroid pictures for free.
Throughout the Halloween party, there were numerous booths that participants could enjoy. There was the Mystery Box booth where the participants guess an object inside a black box only by touching it. Next to the Mystery Box, there was a Face Painting booth where people could get any picture or character painted on their faces or hands. At a booth hosted by DORANDORAN, people wrote their scariest sentence that they could think of on a post-it. At the next booth, CHAMGEUL hosted an amulet-making booth where participants created their lucky charm. There were also D.I.Y. Lantern booth where participants were given a lantern to decorate and Cookie Decorating where people decorated cookies with colorful icing. In between the first-floor hall and Serio, there was a Balloon Dart Booth next to the Photo Booth. If a participant popped four balloons with six darts, the participant was given a POSTECH certificate.  
After completion of each booth, the participants were given tickets. As one of the events at the Halloween party, people exchanged tickets for snacks, dolls, or raffle. The raffle was used for prize lottery that was held as the last event of the Halloween party. Along with welfare vouchers, the first prize of the raffle was a Galaxy Tab A. Overall, the Halloween party ended successfully without any incidents and with people in great spirit.


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