POSTECH Leads Regional Co-Prosperity with ‘AI-Maker Education’
POSTECH Leads Regional Co-Prosperity with ‘AI-Maker Education’
  • Reporter Ryu Nu-ri
  • 승인 2019.11.08 15:15
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▲POSTECH signs a memorandum of understanding with local companies and elementary school
▲POSTECH signs a memorandum of understanding with local companies and elementary school


POSTECH has joined hands with a local elementary school and several companies for the regional co-prosperity with “AI Maker Education Content.” On Oct. 20, POSTECH signed a memorandum of understanding with Geekble, Class One-Oh-One, and Pohang Jecheol Jigok Elementary School for cooperation in creative talent and converged education.
Under the agreement, Geekble will provide offline talk shows, lectures and video-based curricula, and Class One-Oh-One will provide AI and maker education programs based on computational thinking to Pohang Jecheol Jigok Elementary School.
Professor Youn Eun-young (CSE) explained, “through the business agreement, we will work together to lead co-prosperity of universities and cities with ‘AI-maker education,’ and try to expand cooperation with many institutions.”
Principal Kim Heon-soo stated, “Through this business agreement with POSTECH, Geekble, and Class One-Oh-One, we will raise interest in software and maker education, and carry out various educational activities that can realize children’s imagination and ideas.”
Geekble is an engineering media startup founded by POSTECH’s CSE students. It began with the concept of promoting the joy of science and engineering and turning the contents of scientific and engineering activities into a fun culture like music and sports. Geekble posts its contents on various digital platforms. Their contents are currently gaining huge popularity with more than 10 million views per month. Starting with this business agreement, Geekble is planning to enter the offline contents business in earnest.
Class One-Oh-One is a startup founded by Prof. Youn. It focuses on research and development in the field of A.I. and maker education programs. It is also making various A.I. education programs based on project-based learning.