POSTECH Landmark Photo Exhibition
POSTECH Landmark Photo Exhibition
  • reporter Yoon Seok-sang
  • 승인 2019.11.08 15:14
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▲Winning photos for the POSTECH Landmark Photo Exhibition
▲Winning photos for the POSTECH Landmark Photo Exhibition


To celebrate the newly constructed Haedong 78 Tower, the POSTECH Student Council hosted the POSTECH Landmark Photo Exhibition from Sept. 25 to Oct. 3, encouraging Postechians to boast their photography skills and manifest the beauty of POSTECH to others. Postechians could participate in the event by submitting a photo featuring either the two new landmarks (the Haedong 78 Tower or the Alumni Road) or other spectacles around the campus. The winners were awarded prizes including Apple AirPods, chicken coupons, and Ponix dolls.
A total of 17 entries were submitted; eight for the ‘new landmarks’ category and nine for the ‘other spectacles around the campus’ category. The student votes for each category were held from Oct. 7 to Oct. 11. To ensure fairness, the authors’ identities were completely hidden, and each student was given one vote only for each category. The final results and prize winners were announced on Oct. 24.
The winner with the most student votes was Jang Gyeong-hyeon (GIFT Postgraduate) who submitted a stunning vertical daylight shot of the Haedong 78 Tower. However, the winning prize was awarded to Seon Jong-yeop (Mueunjae 19) who ranked number one for the ‘other spectacles around the campus’ category as postgraduate students were excluded from the prize recipient list. Seon turned in a beautiful night view of the campus. A total of seven Postechians were awarded prizes according to their vote tallies.


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