The 10th Anniversary Thoughts
The 10th Anniversary Thoughts
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▲Reporter Lee Mi-yeon, Chae Seung-hyun, Kim Seo-yeon, Ryu Nu-ri, and Song Seung-chan (From Left)
▲Reporter Lee Mi-yeon, Chae Seung-hyun, Kim Seo-yeon, Ryu Nu-ri, and Song Seung-chan (From Left)


Every reporter at The Postech Times has one thing in common. The first newspaper article that every reporter at The Postech Times writes is the “Resolutions as an Assistant Reporter”. On the resolutions, there are often reasons why the reporters applied to The Postech Times, their views on the obligations of journalism, and, most importantly, their goals and resolutions as a journalist.
In celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Postech Times, the reporters decided to take this chance and report on their progress since the declaration of their resolutions. Only the reporters who have been active for over a year since the declaration of their resolution read their own resolutions and commented on whether they have been keeping their resolutions or have slightly diverged from their original goals.
Below are each reporter’s comments on their progress of maintaining resolutions. Although the reporters will briefly mention the contents in their resolutions, it is recommended that the readers visit The Postech Times website and fully read the reporters’ resolutions before reading the comments below.

Lee Mi-yeon
It is been two years since I started as a junior reporter at The Postech Times. I am filled with emotions as seeing my first manuscript “Resolution as a junior reporter,” again. Over two years, my growth as a student was of course, but my life as a reporter was also very meaningful to me. Life as a student and reporter was a great fortune to me. The process of always waking up in the morning to check the social issues of the day, and to figure out what to tackle in the articles and how to approach the reader through the articles, has been a daily routine for me. I have been able to grow up through the process of tailoring the title of “reporter” that might have been in over my head at first. If The Postech Times can make a small change to readers through our articles over two years for me and ten years for the newspaper, I think we will be rewarding about this. Thank you for being with us so far! 

Chae Seung-hyun
One year ago, I started my reporter career with the article, ‘Words String than Might’. In that resolution filled article, I listed two rules and principles that I was to follow. I promised to be punctual and cooperative with my fellow reporters. Now that I look back, I think I did pretty good in following them. There were some moments when I could not, but even in times of difficulty, with cooperation and helps of my fellow reporters, I was able to overcome it and grow from it. Being a reporter at The Postech Times has been even more enjoyable than I could have imagined. I thank my fellow reporters and hope for more happy days to come with them. And to the readers of our articles, I would like to thank as well for being with us. 

Kim Seo-yeon
As I joined The Postech Times during the second semester of 2018 whilst others joined in the first, I wrote my “Resolution as a junior reporter” article as a separate article called “As a Reporter”. When I first became a reporter, I wanted to provide information related to social issues in a way that would make the readers think. I was determined to inform Postechians on politics, society, and humanities and pose questions on them that would inspire them to think and debate before they decided what opinion to take. However, writing on social topics for the past year, I realized that posing questions on the reader without being biased is very difficult; I had promised to provide my opinion in a logical manner, being persuasive and not biased, but I admit that there were moments I failed to distinguish the two. Therefore, my new resolution for the next year to serve is to not be biased. Thank you for reading The Postech Times, and I promise to provide informative, logical, and inspiring articles that are not biased.

Ryu Nu-ri
This year marks the 10th anniversary of The Postech Times, and it has been nearly two years since I had the honor of writing for the readers of the paper. When I was just an assistant reporter, I pledged for three objectives. One was to report current issues at POSTECH that any foreign students might have missed. Another was to write using only verified facts. The other was to show gradual improvements in my articles.
I tried to deliver the latest news around the campus, so that the exchange students would be able to catch up with the issues happening in the campus. While writing about POTSECH, I tried to focus on telling the international situation that South Korea was facing based on concrete facts. While there is still room for improvement in my arcticles, I will continue to work hard to provide satisfactory writing to the readers of The Postech Times.  

Song Seung-chan
Last year, I started working for The Postech Times with my “Resolution as an assistant reporter” article. In that article, I explained that my motivation for applying for the assistant reporter position was that I realized the significance of newspaper articles through my high school newspaper reporter experience. At the end of the article, I promised the readers that I will, to the best of my abilities, deliver relevant news to the POSTECH community. Although there is no direct way of measuring how relevant the news that I delivered were to the POSTECH community, I can honestly say that every time I looked for an idea to write an article, my top priority was the readers. It was an honor to have been the source of people’s information and I, once again, felt the importance of newspaper. I would like to thank each one of you for reading The Postech Times! 

Lee Seung-joo
It has been a year and a half since I wrote my nostalgic “A New Step Forward.” A year and a half seems long considering that the once fresh fellow reporters of 2018, filled with excitement and ambition of our college life, now talk about military and whether or not to take a gap semester. Now that we stand in the front of the gateway to becoming juniors, I suggested the very idea for us to reflect on ourselves upon the resolutions we had when we entered The Postech Times. Freshman me wanted to become a mediator who will help the university and its members understand each other better. During the past 1.5 years, I wrote many articles that dealt with the good deeds of our university and sometimes, the controversial acts of our university. As a reporter, it is necessary for us to convey information not emotions. Sometimes I was inclined to add opinions of my own to many issues. However I sustained to do so. Our job is not to change one’s thoughts regarding to an issue but to provide ample information for people to raise their own thoughts. Even today, I write information to invoke ideas and thoughts to Postechians, hoping and believing that some will find this information handy to choose stances in their lives. 

Whether the reporters kept up with their promises or diverged a little, all the reporters have worked tirelessly to deliver important information to the POSTECH community without a doubt. As most reporters above will be continuing their journalism activities, The Postech Times would like to ask the readers to continue to read the reporters’ future news articles. Also, there are current assistant reporters who has not been a part of The Postech Times over a year who did not comment on their resolutions. The Postech Times asks the readers to take a look at their resolutions as assistant reporters too and be interested in their future journalism activities.
Since The Postech Times started 10 years ago, its reporters never stopped. Every week, they gathered and discussed issues of that time and decided which issues the readers needed. Then the reporters researched, interviewed, and surveyed to find facts to deliver only the truth to the members of POSTECH. The Postech Times hopes that through this article, the readers will acknowledge the reporters’ passion and perseverance in journalism and continue to trust in our newspaper. Thank you!