POSTECH Selected as AI Graduate School
POSTECH Selected as AI Graduate School
  • reporter Park Jee-won
  • 승인 2019.10.18 15:17
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▲Universities selected as AI graduate school
▲Universities selected as AI graduate school


POSTECH was finally selected an AI graduate school by the Ministry of Science and ICT.
The AI graduate school project’s purpose is to foster talents with global competitiveness in the AI sector, the core of the fourth industrial revolution. Ministry of Science and ICT additionally selected POSTECH as an AI graduate school in consideration of social interest in AI and market demand.
The government will provide 2 billion KRW annually for a total of 9 billion KRW for five years starting next year. Universities can receive up to five additional years of support, depending on future evaluations. The maximum amount each university can receive is 19 billion KRW over 10 years.
POSTECH will recruit new students in the second half of this year and begin classes in the spring semester of 2020. POSTECH selects new students with the goal of “educating the world’s best convergence talents in the fields of AI and data science.” It plans to expand 26 full-time teachers by 2023 and nurture key talent in three areas including media AI, data AI, and AI theory and nine major convergence research.
In particular, Pohang is R&D hub in the science industry, including Pohang R&D Special Zone, Pohang Free Economic Zone, and POSCO Venture Valley, which are expected to have a synergistic effect as they can secure excellent talent from AI graduate schools.

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