Prof. Hwang Hyung-ju Receives Open & Innovation award
Prof. Hwang Hyung-ju Receives Open & Innovation award
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2019.09.27 10:37
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▲Prof. Hwang Hyung-ju
▲Prof. Hwang Hyung-ju


Professor Hwang Hyung-ju (MATH) received the Open & Collaboration Award at the 2019 POSCO Technology Conference for her contribution to improving POSCO’s cost competitiveness by developing and applying AI-based furnace end-point temperature prediction technology to the site.
Prof. Hwang got a doctorate in Brown University, followed by a post-doc researcher at the Maxplanck Institute in Germany and an assistant professor at Duke University. She is currently vice director of POSTECH blockchain technology center and director of POSTECH Center for Applications of Mathematics. In addition, she won the 2017 Gyeongsangbuk-do Science and Technology Award for her contributions to expanding the application of mathematics and building infrastructure through industrial mathematics.
The POSCO Technology Conference is the biggest event that includes POSCO, subsidiary companies, customer companies, suppliers, universities and research institutes. It is helping strengthen POSCO’s technological competitiveness and enhance customer satisfaction by promoting technology sharing and exchanges. This year, it established an open cooperation award for outside experts, adding to the meaning of realizing “With POSCO” and developing open technologies.

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