Society Where Justice Lives on
Society Where Justice Lives on
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
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▲Korea University demanding Cho's resignation
▲Korea University demanding Cho's resignation


Students at Korea University and Seoul National University (SNU) both held rallies on Aug. 23. Korea University students demanded a probe into any irregularities considering the way  the daughter of justice minister nominee Cho Kuk was accepted to the university through an early admission program. 

The flashpoint is the question about the way Cho’s daughter entered college. Her name was cited as the first author in a paper published in the Korean Journal of Pathology in 2008 after she partook in the research in 2007 during a two-week internship program at the department of medical science at Dankook University while she was a freshman in a foreign language high school. She highlighted the achievement in applying for Korea University through early admission and was accepted. After she graduated from Korean University, she studied at SNU Graduate School for a year on a scholarship and then Pusan National University Graduate School of Medicine from 2015. In the medical school, she received a scholarship for six semesters although she flunked the first two semesters. Her privileged education track record is incomprehensible in the eyes of the public.

The student body of SNU, where Cho teaches law, issued a statement denouncing their professor, saying they urge Cho to resign as a justice minister nominee so that Korea can become “a country where principle and common sense are maintained and a society where justice is upheld."


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