Number of Single Rooms to be Increased from Next Semester
Number of Single Rooms to be Increased from Next Semester
  • Reporter Kim Seo-yeon
  • 승인 2019.06.13 13:21
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▲Dormitories of POSTECH
▲Dormitories of POSTECH

From the Fall semester, 2019, the privilege of single room usage will be provided to female graduate students and male undergraduate students, a privelage which is currently prescribed to male graduates only. There was a notice ‘Expansion management of single room Dormitory’ explaining that the number of single rooms will be increased from next semester, due to the ‘increasing preference for single rooms due to changes in lifestyles, including privacy protection for Dormitory, and a desire of single rooms for graduate students (female) and undergraduates.’ The fee policy for single rooms will also be altered correspondingly.
Presently, single rooms are provided to male graduate students only. There are 160 single rooms in Dorm 19, all occupied, However, from next semester and onwards, single rooms will be available to female graduates and male undergraduates. The Dormitory Union will expand single rooms to Dorm 20 (female graduates), and to Dorm 1 (male undergraduates). The 24 rooms of the third and fourth floor of Dorm 20 and 12 rooms of the third floor of Dorm 1 will be allocated for single use, and occupants will be charged  a monthly fee of 278,000 KRW and 235,000 KRW, respectively. Although the Dorm Union has not confirmed the expansion of single rooms for female undergraduates, the committee holds a plan for transforming 17 rooms on the 4th floor of Dorm 14 into single rooms. 
As the competition for single rooms between male undergraduates is expected to be vigorous, the Dormitory Union established a student selection criteria for single rooms: 30% of the rooms will be assigned to high PAM scorers primarily, and the remaining 70%  will be randomly assigned to general applicants via draws.

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