Be Happy at the Happy Circuit Festival
Be Happy at the Happy Circuit Festival
  • Reporter Song Sung-chan
  • 승인 2019.05.17 11:24
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▲One member of DAVICH performing
▲One member of DAVICH performing

On May 8, the eve of 2019 Sunrise Festival took place as the CHEERO, the POSTECH cheering squad, performed its show. The theme of 2019 Sunrise Festival was ‘haengbok hoero’, meaning happy circuit, with the slogan ‘turn on the switch of your passion’. 
Before the festival, there was a ‘POSTECH festival treasure hunt event’ where the students who found the batteries and transistors of the happy circuit are given presents. The story of the treasure hunt event is that the ‘K Group’, probably referring to KAIST, stole the batteries and the transistors in the happy circuit and hid them. 
The eve of the festival consisted of CHEERO performance, congratulatory message from the president Kim Doh-Yeon, King of Mask Singer, and POSKING. The president Kim Doh-Yeon told the students to “put everything down and enjoy.” 
On May 9, there was 78 Quiz marking the beginning of the second day of the festival. Then, it was followed by performances by BluePeanuts, GT Love, STEELER, BREMEN, VOCES, CTRL-D, and P-FUNK. Then, there were mini-games ran by the Advisory Committee of the Sunrise Festival and the final match of King of Mask Singer. 
On the last day of the festival, there were E-sports event, SARMTER (Korean genre of percussion music) performance, and DJing club by DJ LAON. In the E-sports event POSTECH classes competed against each other in an online game called League of Legends. The class 9 won the first prize in the final match against the class 2. The last day was especially crowded because Davichi, a Korean ballad duo, performed for the Postechians. The performances by Davichi and DJ LAON livened up the festival. 
During the festival there were other events such as BubbleGrounds, Ghost House, and Escape Room. The water-gun fight event took place on the second and the third day of the festival near the Jigok pond. The winner of the BubbleGrounds went to the person who had the fewest number of cobalt chloride paper discolored by water. 
The theme of the Ghost House was ‘Abandoned Amusement Park’ where the mission was to escape the attack of a murderous clown. The Ghost House took place at the underground passage under the engineering buildings on the second and third day of the festival. 
The theme of the Escape Room was ‘Secret Underground Storehouse’ where the students had to escape from the secret hideout of a bomber of POSTECH. The event took place in the basement of DICE dormitory. 
The festival could not have been successful without all the amazing pubs. There were many interesting pubs such as ‘Monster Engineers’, ran by the students of Mechanical Engineering department in the theme of monsters, ‘Avenger-sul’, in the theme of Marvel movie series called Avengers, and ‘Jujeom-plestory’, in the theme of an online game called Maplestory, and more.