Blockchain Voting in POSTECH
Blockchain Voting in POSTECH
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2019.05.17 11:18
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▲ Blockchain Voting App
▲ Blockchain Voting App

On May 7 to 9, election for the 2nd Student Union of Mueunjae Undergraduate was held. The election was the first online election to be hold in POSTECH. With POSTECH being the first ever Blockchain Campus, all the votes were to be from online and no offline polling booths were placed. Students voted through a blockchain-based app, ‘Blockchain Voting’.
The original candidate registration deadline of April 24 was pushed back by one week, due to the lack of applicants. As a result, the whole election schedule was postponed by one week. Also because of the low turnout, the voting period was extended.
Chang Hwan-jung (Mueunjae 19) and Kim Jung-woo (Mueunjae 19), with their campaign, ‘My Home’, was the only campaign to have registered. Their pledges included establishment of open-chat SMP system, large events for the whole Mueunjae body, sending council meeting results vis email, and study group supporting businesses.
This year’s election had one candidate running and was carried out by calling for yeas and nays. According to the official total of counted ballots, total of 122 students voted out of 321 possible. 105 voted in favor, 17 against, and zero submitted invalid ballots.
According to the rule of Student Union of Mueunjae Undergraduate Article 102 Clause 2, because the turnout did not exceed 50%, the election will be re-held at a later date. The date is to be announced after internal meeting of the student council’s election management committee.

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