Mueunjae Memorial Hall Renovation Completed
Mueunjae Memorial Hall Renovation Completed
  • Reporter Lee Seung-Joo
  • 승인 2019.05.17 11:18
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▲Simulation of Mueunjae Memorial Hall after remodeling
▲Simulation of Mueunjae Memorial Hall after remodeling

The remodeling of the Mueunjae Memorial Hall first floor lobby took place since the beginning of March and recently finished on April 30. To the relatively vacant hall of the past, the school added study rooms, lounges, movable desks and chairs, cloud printers and PC, water purifiers, student board, meeting room, vendor machines, and etc., significantly enhancing student comfortability and spatial efficiency.
The Mueunjae Office indicated that, as an increasing number of students spend significant time at the Muenjae Hall, a facility that can be used for such relaxation became necessary. To fulfill such needs, the remodeling was initiated to modify the hall’s first-floor lobby into a “creative education space”, open to free creativity and available for students to relax, focus, and communicate with peers. The new lobby was also designed to promote the “Reading Postechians” culture.
The Office also replied that the remodeling process is indeed not yet completed. The renovation will proceed in two phases. The first phase already took place and the second phase, involving the remodeling of the Mueunjae Memorial Room- a room at the end of the first-floor lobby, filled with achievements of Mueunjae Kim Ho-gil, the first president of POSTECH, is currently in process.   
Majority of the students showed positive reactions towards the renovation of Mueunjae Memorial Hall. One student praised that he was pleased with the overall change within the hall and that especially, the increase in chairs and sockets greatly increased the accessibility and holding capacity of the area. 

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