Booths of 2019 Sunrise Festival
Booths of 2019 Sunrise Festival
  • reporter Park Jee-won
  • 승인 2019.05.17 11:07
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▲Many students enjoying the night booths
▲Many students enjoying the night booths

For daytime booths, as last year, the Advisory Committee for the Sunrise Festival (ACSF) ran various booths; ‘Shooting’ where people played a shot game with a BB gun, ‘Chocolate Fondue’ where people dipped various snacks into chocolate, ‘Face Painting’ where POSTECH art club Guerbois and the members of the ACSF painted on people’s face and ‘Games of Memories’ where people enjoyed retro games such as hopscotch and a game of slap-match. These booths were open for two days. There were also food booths prepared by diverse groups, including suburban groups; ‘Po-Gong Cha’ where the alumni association of Hana academy Seoul sold tea, ‘Street Vendor Association’, ‘POBBA son-mat bingsu’ where members of POSTECH basketball club POBBA made red bean ice flakes and provided delivery service and etc. For activity booths, there were ‘Water Balloon Throwing’ run by Tachyons the POSTECH baseball club, ‘Did you do Henna?’ run by POSTECH Female Student Union, ‘Un-ppal-mang-gem’ which means a game of fail dominated by luck, where people played several board games, run by BGM the POSTECH board game club, ‘Anyway, doing tarot this year, too.’ and etc. The ACSF offered many benefits to those who actively participated in the festival, including the right to exchange chicken if they participated in 10 daytime booths.
At night, compared to previous festivals, it was the same that most of the booths were run by departments, but there were more diverse groups operated the night booths than last year. The ACSF ran ‘Casino’ where people could play Texas hold’em, Black Jack and TaiSai, and ‘Street Karaoke’ where people could sing in the booth. Five departments run the booths: CE, CHEM, EEE, ME and CiTE. And two clubs Ctrl D, the dance club and Doran Doran, the literature writing club ran the booths. Notable night booths included ‘MUSE109’ and ‘Modam Vegan Night Booth.’ ‘MUSE109’ was a booth run by Mueunjae School of Undergraduate Studies’ student council “Saejip”, and it was notable because it was the first booth to be run at this year’s festival as the student council for Mueunjae School of Undergraduate Studies was established. ‘Modam Vegan Night Booth’ was run by Students & Minority Human Rights Council MODAM, and they planned projects learning social privileges while selling vegan food such as Korean potato pancakes and vegan instant noodles. 
 An Jae-yeon (Mueunjae 19) said “It was a joyous festival where time passed quickly. I was happy to have various experience booths. Also, the area around the booth was clean even though it was a festival, so I could enjoy the festival better. ”With various booths run by the ACSF, clubs, departments, other groups and ordinary students, Postechians could burn the happy circuit by enjoying 2019 Sunrise Festival.

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