Ground-Breaking Ceremony of BOIC Held
Ground-Breaking Ceremony of BOIC Held
  • Reporter Ryu Nu-ri
  • 승인 2019.03.29 16:13
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▲President Kim Doh-Yeon delivering an address for BOIC opening
▲President Kim Doh-Yeon delivering an address for BOIC opening

In 2016, POSTECH announced its orientation as a value-creating university, and on Feb. 26 2019, to establish an institute that directly contributes to regional development. 
The ground-breaking ceremony of the Bio Open Innovation Center (BIOC) was held. More than 200 people, including President Kim Doh-Yeon, the Vice Governor for Economic Planning of Gyeongsangbuk-do, the Mayor of Pohang, a local legislator (Park Myung-jae), Chairman of Genexine, POSCO officials, and representatives of the bio-enterprise, attended the ground-breaking ceremony of the BOIC, an industrial-educational innovative platform for the development of new pharmaceuticals.
The BOIC supports the development of new pharmaceuticals by the university, various research institutes, and industry. It is jointly invested in and built by POSTECH, Pohang city, and Genexine to create a new regional drug industry. It will act as an outpost for attracting companies and research institutes and promoting bio-venture companies. In particular, Genexine is known as a model of success for bio-venture companies, which grew from a venture company founded by Professor Sung Young-chul(LIFE) to a leading pharmaceutical company in Korea.
Along with the entry of bio-enterprise and research institutes in Korea and abroad, the center will establish a new drug development pilot plant that can support the test production and commercialization of new drug candidate materials. The project promotion team for the Cell Membrane Protein Research Center will also be established and operated in the center.
POSTECH has made great efforts in the establishment of BOIC to contribute to regional development by creating jobs through attracting companies as well as fostering the pharmaceutical field, a higher value-added business.

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