Orientation on 2019 SES
Orientation on 2019 SES
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▲Picture of SES Orientation
▲Picture of SES Orientation

On March 4 and 5, the orientation for SES (Summer Experience in Society) were held. In the beginning of the orientation, the Director of the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs Kim Sang-uk, gave a brief introduction about the SES program. He explained that the program was established to enable POSTECH students to gain some valuable experience outside the university and gain not only work skills but also social-emotional skills , which is also SES.
Afterwards, the Head of the Student Affairs, Kim Jung-ki, explained the details about the SES program. The companies that are interested in having POSTECH students as their interns apply for the program. Then students choose as many as five companies from the list of companies and apply for a match. If a match is successful, the company then interviews the student (the interview can include a coding test depending on the company). If everything goes well and the student is accepted, the student completes the internship over the summer and sends a report about the experience for credits.
There are also special education programs available for the students that prepare students for the application process of SES. The education on the application essay was held on March 7 and 8, and the classes on interviews and programing will be held on April 18, 19 and May 7, respectively.
Regardindg the application process, the application for SES (for students) is accepted from March 11 to 29, and an application to a specific company and application essays are due on April 5. The one to one matching process is from April 1 to 12, and the orientation for the accepted students is held on May 30 and 31. The internship starts on June 10 to Aug. 30. The internship reports are due on Sept. 6 and are submitted online.

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