Next Generation Memory CBRAM Improved by Nitrogen Doping
Next Generation Memory CBRAM Improved by Nitrogen Doping
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2019.02.28 02:49
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▲Prof. Rho Jun-suk (ME, CE)
▲Prof. Rho Jun-suk (ME, CE)

Wearable devices and smartphones are requiring memories that are smaller and more capable than ever. An answer, next-generation non-volatile memory, where information remains intact even when power is turned off, has been developed. The developed technology will prepare electricity for CBRAM, a type of ReRAM. 
Research team led by Professor Rho Jun-suk (ME, CE) have developed CBRAM devices, their resistance greatly improved by using GST. The study was selected as a cover article for Advanced Electronics Materials, an international journal in the field of materials. 
The team has found a way to increase resistance by using insulators in the structure of CBRAM. By introducing a method of doping nitrogen into thin GST films, the team enabled the growth of crystalline particles to be controlled and increase resistance.  
In particular, it is expected that the addition of nitrogen doping to existing device processes will greatly improve the performance of existing devices and replace existing devices. One particular field of expected uses is small and high-performance memories such as smartphones and medical devices. 

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