Words of an Editor-in-Chief
Words of an Editor-in-Chief
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2019.02.28 02:39
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I was appointed as an editor of The Postech Times last semester, in the autumn of my second grade. I may be the youngest editor of the whole time. The typical tenure of the editor is one year. The former editor (15’) was two years older than me and there was no 16’ reporter at all last year. I and my peer reporters had to work hard to make up for manpower shortage and lack of advices from seniors. 
I had always wanted to make a better newspaper ever since the beginning of my term. If the paper permitted, I was eager to cover the most important news of that time. In spite of uncertain of the readers of The Postech Times, I was an experimentalist filled with passion. It can be confirmed through many special issues. I loved and was proud of our newspaper, to be candid. It was indeed an interesting experience as a mere undergraduate student to publish newspaper. Every procedure such as brainstorming news items, proofreading, typesetting, sending it to the printing house and distributing them with my own hands, it meant so much to me. The sense of responsibility sometimes overwhelmed me. 
However, inner voice started to bother me. I kept asking myself, “Am I giving it all for The Postech Times?” I can assert I did my very best at least every time given. I was trying to expand the pages of the English newspaper from five to six – which will come out in two months. I longed for more rooms for texts and pictures which can be represented for in-dept coverages, even though it meant much more work for me. I encouraged the reporters by various means and strived for a lively mood. I could not understand why that biting monologue would not stop. Something was going wrong.
As a matter of fact, I was ashamed of the satisfaction and complacency on status quo. It just did not feel right to feel it. Yes. I was fighting with that self-conceit demon who unceasingly whispered that I was doing great. One of the virtues which a reporter should endeavor is the attitude to learn more for precise information transfer. It is true that I did my utmost, but I was aware of that fact too well. I should have expected any feedbacks and advices from others to look back. Also, I personally live the busy life filled with hectic schedules. I ought to utilize the limited time - I assigned certain hours on certain tasks. As I pursue efficiency in everyday work, I was prone to finish up certain amounts of work in time-attack way. It is not a bad reach to gain some decent results but is poor way to draw the best outcome. I decided to spend a little more time, the time enough to deduct the best outcome possible from then on. The worst thing might be mucking this newspaper job up due to lack of my responsibility. I will not let my personal business affect The Postech Times by excellent time management.
Here I stand as an editor who loves our newspaper more than anyone else. I promise the readers neither to be satisfied of myself nor to fall in obstinacy. I undoubtedly believe this pledge based on self-reflection will lead to a better newspaper with keen insight in the sea of information. I am not certain about the left tenure of my own. But even after my resignation, I hope the left colleagues to carry out with passion and love. I express the sincere gratitude toward all the reporters who work with me.