No Longer Fresh
No Longer Fresh
  • Reporter Lee Seung-Joo
  • 승인 2019.02.28 02:38
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It has been one year since I have matriculated to POSTECH and I officially became a sophomore. During this one year, many opportunities, success, and failures flew by. Not every page of memories was ‘happy.’ I faced many despairs and mistakes. Those moments certainly helped me grow. But it diminished the flame that I carried within me to Pohang. I was cut, bruised, and scraped mentally due to all the load of work and stress. I was basically lost. A year has passed by, however, no path to follow seemed correct; I was left behind with major decisions to make without any answers. I tried to remember the passion I held towards academics, extracurricular activities, hobbies, relationships, etc. and discovered how much it vanished. My freshmen life in POSTECH was literally filled with storms. Some people worried that I was ‘overburdening’ myself and that I would ruin myself eventually due to the work load. But I was too scared to admit that they might be right, since I pursued this lifestyle for a long time to change my way of life. 
However, during the 2019 Freshmen OT ceremony, I happened to work as a Class Advisor. I was given an opportunity to reminisce about the anxiety towards my college life. I met freshmen fresh from high school- unharmed, full of hope, and burning with passion. At that moment, the emotion that filled me was something unexpected- longing. I realized that I missed how I wanted to try everything, grasping every opportunity and walking down every path. I missed how I was bold enough to make stupid choices and live up to taking responsibilities for each of them. I missed being happy with my life. Each freshman held passion within them- burning in POSTECH red- eager to try whatever they found interesting. 
The experience was enough to fill me with energy for another year. Yes, I may be ‘overburdening’ myself and yes, some might not understand me. But I’m someone who regrets the road not taken and has walked along harsher paths. Most of the decisions we face in life will be important and probably will have no correct answers. We will not always make the right choice, and may regret it for a long time. However, I believe that as long as we live there will be no dead ends and choices will always lead to more choices.
Freshmen, you will approach several forks on the road leading you down paths that you might’ve never expected. Such choices might scare you and some might burden you with regrets. However, each choice will be about you and only you. No longer will you walk on a path laid out for you; you make the choice and you take the responsibilities. However, I still advise you all; do whatever you want. Life is too short for hesitation and it is filled with opportunities. As students of POSTECH, you gain access to many chances, so try something new and extreme. Numerous clubs, organizations, student governments, exchange programs, prep teams, and etc. await you. Try whatever interests you and enjoy your struggles. They will develop you and help discover a new you. 
How you design your four years as an undergraduate is completely up to you. Whether you fill it with academics, clubs, or somewhere in between is entirely your decision. However, in any situation, I advise you to never lose hope and passion. Pursue your ideals and never step back for you are walking on a path designed by the person you trust and love the most- yourself. Keep that fire burning- it will lead you in your life and here at school; remember how much you waited for this moment.

Freshmen, stay fresh and welcome to POSTECH.