Polaris3D’s Autonomous Mobile Robot
Polaris3D’s Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
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Polaris3D at CES 2019
Polaris3D at CES 2019


Until now, ultra wideband wireless communication or Wifi technology was applied to autonomous mobile robot that special appliance had to be installed. However, Polaris3D developed a self-driving technology in factories or indoors only by installing a computer program.
Department of Creative IT Engineering graduate students established Polaris3D (CEO Gwak In-beom) last year and developed simple autonomous mobile robot solution just like installing a computer program. They entered this at CES 2019, which is renowned IT product exhibition.
The program allows the robot to drive on its own, draw maps, and estimate locations based on the map to drive to the target point. Instead ‘Simultaneous Localization and Mapping’ technology that requires much operation, they utilized ‘localization technology’ that can be used for drones or small robots that can move even in smaller spaces than the palm of their hands. Polaris3D has already participated in variety of electronic exhibitions including Korea Electronics Show and received investments from local governments. Polaris3D is planning to sell this to robot companies that need solutions for indoor self-driving technology and research laboratories that study self-driving technologies. Polaris3D also plans to introduce autonomous mobile robots that do not need to build infrastructure by using logistics robots or forklift trucks.
Meanwhile, the CES, hosted annually by the American Consumer Electronics Association in January, has drawn much attention from the public about technology trends. AI (Artificial Intelligence), smart home, digital health care, e-Sports, and smart cities were already announced as major trends this year.

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