Enhanced Efficiency of Expensive Metal Catalyst
Enhanced Efficiency of Expensive Metal Catalyst
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
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Prof. Han Jeong-woo (CHEM)
Prof. Han Jeong-woo (CHEM)

Professor Han Jeong-woo (CHEM) and KAIST research team announced the paper on  ACS Energy Letters, an authoritative magazine in the field of energy, by studying the stability of transmetallic mono-atomic catalysts on the TiC metal support. The paper was chosen as the most frequently read paper in December of 2018.
Usually catalysts that are used for chemical reactions are precious metals and it is difficult to commercialize related technologies due to high price. Meanwhile, it is expected that a single atom catalyst will distribute all of its metals to its supporters, thus increasing efficiency and lowering prices as much as possible. However, even after the chemical reaction, the nature of the catalyst should not change, but it was difficult to actually use as it tended to coagulate using a single atom.
The research team began an actual experiment by predicting that a slightly defective TiC support could maintain the stability of a single atom through computational chemistry-based computer modeling. As a result, not only did the single atom catalyst remain stable in the TiC support, but also the single atom catalyst of platinum and gold among the various metals was particularly efficient in the hydrogen-producing or selective oxygen-reduction response.

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