Dr. Lee of Shinsegae Dental Clinic Donates a Scholarship
Dr. Lee of Shinsegae Dental Clinic Donates a Scholarship
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2019.02.11 23:41
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President Kim (left) and Dr. Lee
President Kim (left) and Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee Jae-yoon, the director of Shinsegae Dental Clinic, visited POSTECH on Dec. 19 and donated a scholarship for graduate students. The ‘Shinsegae Dental Clinic Scholarship Fund’, 50 million KRW over next 10 years, will be used for graduate students who have a hard time continuing their studies or research due to economic difficulties or disabilities.
After completing the 28th POSTECH Advanced Management and Technology Innovation Program (PAMTIP), Dr. Lee served as the 16th chairperson of the PAMTIP Alumni Association. Since then, he donated to various projects for POSTECH’s development and training excellent talent.
Dr. Lee said, “I hope that POSTECH’s graduate students will not be frustrated with economic difficulties, but will engage in study and research, and will grow into talents who can contribute to the society and share their accomplishments.”
President Kim Doh-Yeon responded, “I am deeply grateful for the continued support of the local community for POSTECH, and we will earnestly use the funds for our future talents.”

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