Stem Cell Transporters by Phase Separation Liquid Adhesive
Stem Cell Transporters by Phase Separation Liquid Adhesive
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2019.02.11 23:37
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Prof. Cha Hyung-joon (CE)
Prof. Cha Hyung-joon (CE)

Research team led by professor Cha Hyung-joon (CE) is drawing attention from the academic community by developing innovative technologies that can transfer stem cells to a target organ in the body and maintain them for a sufficient time until they are settled in the target organ. 
The said innovative technology developed by the research team is a liquid adhesive that can easily transfer and maintain stem cells through injection to a target region of the body using phase separation phenomenon consisting of hyaluronic acid. The new stem cell transporter is expected to play a key role in maximizing the transfer and treatment of stem cells in the body, using bio-compatible materials that are harmless to humans.
To achieve such results, the team used a mechanism, that accurately and efficiently deliver them to target organs, and not easily break down with a separation liquid adhesive even after being delivered. The results of this research were posted online in the world’s leading biomechanical journal, Acta Biomaterialia.

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