2019 New Year Message from the President of POSTECH
2019 New Year Message from the President of POSTECH
  • Doh-Yeon Kim, President of POSTECH
  • 승인 2019.01.05 00:41
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▲President  Kim Doh-Yeon giving new year message at new year greeting last year
▲President Kim Doh-Yeon giving new year message at new year greeting last year

My dear POSTECH members,

2019, the Year of the Earth Pig (Gi-Hae-Nyeon) has arrived. I would like to extend the sincerest of wishes for the realization of all your endeavors in the new year.

I offer my deepest gratitude to POSTECH members everywhere for your vigorous devotion in elevating our university to new heights. I am filled with anticipation towards another year where the sweat and toils of all Postechians actualize into numerous achievements for the furtherance of academia and nation. 

In 2018, the first class of the Mueunjae School of Undergraduate Studies brought about exciting metamorphoses. By not restricting newly admitted students into specific departments, the novel academic policy has empowered them to freely pursue their academic passions, engage in diverse activities, and lead proactive studies. Appropriately, the foundations for strengthening social sciences and humanities were set in place as well. These undertakings will play a key role in equipping our students with a wide breadth of convergent skillsets and profound knowledge to become crucial members of society.

Furthermore, POSTECH has exerted a great deal of effort to bolster the sustainable advancement of the university. We have welcomed many new faculty members who will undoubtedly continue our tradition of research excellence. We have built bridges both with a diverse group of institutions —such as Yonsei University, Samsung Electronics, and the Korean Air Force —for in-depth collaborations, and with our local community through the establishment of the Future City Open Innovation Center to usher in the era of smart cities. This past year will also be remembered for the establishment of the 1st POSTECH Fund which will enable startups to readily enter the market and create real-world socioeconomic value. Our feats did not go unrecognized as JoongAng Ilbo recently ranked POSTECH as the most innovative university in Korea.

All this was can be attributed to the enterprising travails of every single member of POSTECH.

My proud Postechians!

It has been two years since we began our expedition towards fulfilling the Value Creating University vision. We have now taken our first steps. This vast aspiration that we seek to achieve will require tireless strivings. It is undoubtedly a difficult task, but that is exactly the reason why only POSTECH can accomplish it. 

Our challenging spirit will flourish unabated through 2019. We will expand and establish a robust startup ecosystem by focusing on the strengths of POSTECH and the Jigok neighborhood. We will break ground for the Bio Open Innovation Center that will utilize the 4th generation accelerator. There will be infrastructure modernization projects that will not only renovate older buildings but also construct new facilities for the safety and comfort of Postechians. And most importantly, our greatest efforts will be expended to attract outstanding faculty members and students with boundless potentials. 

Let us effectuate the quintessential role of the university through peerless education, promote a campus teeming with ideas and dreams, and pay heed to societal discourse to define and sculpt POSTECH’s next 30 years of contributing to the betterment of the nation and humanity. The future of POSTECH is the future of Korea.

May 2019 overflow with nothing but blessings and joy for all our families. Happy New Year!