POSTECH Microscope: Reporters of The Postech Times
POSTECH Microscope: Reporters of The Postech Times
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2019.01.05 00:22
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▲All reporters with newspaper, one day at the weekly meeting
▲All reporters with newspaper, one day at the weekly meeting

It is the first time of The Postech Times, consisted of eight reporters, to communicate with the readers.  We reporters, looking back 2018, spoke a few words inside our minds. 

“The Postech Times has come a long way to report useful information and messages. The reporters will work with the zeal for the newspaper in this winter vacation too. We promise to provide decent news to our readers as for the new year. 2019 is the year that The Postech Times marks the 10th anniversary.”

“For the past years, The Postech Times team all worked with pride and a sense of responsibility, having weekly meetings to share and discuss ideas for the next paper and trying out bests to provide interesting and helpful news to the university community. We hope that our readers enjoyed our articles and promise to continue our efforts.”

“The crews of The Postech Times  passionately thought and discussed article topics even in the vacations and always tried to deliver news that every POSTECH members ought to know. Our rigorous effort to improve our article will always continue to enhance annually.”

“The Postech Times has been my way of remembering my past. English is the token of my memory of adolescence back in America. It has been my way of realizing the present and be aware of my surroundings. It also has been my way of preparing for the future by further improving my linguistic sense.”

“The Postech Times provided me a great opportunity to know and love POSTECH and accept it as my new niche. Thanks to it, I was able to know about what was happening around me. To love someone - or something-, we must endeavor to truly know deeply of it. The Postech Times allowed this. Through my year working as an apprentice reporter, I was able to know about our campus more deeply than any other fellow classmates. My effort will continue- as long as I am a Postechian.”

“The Postech Times, to be is more than just a newspaper. Just any newspaper, it allows us to write and learn along the more about the world. But The Postech Times is different in the fact that we are a family. This family will work together and deliver articles satisfying our high standards into the new year.”

“Thanks to our readers - students, faculty members, and people out of POSTECH- who always help us gladly whenever asked, The Postech Times could deliver much information. Without their interviews, columns, and other help, I think, the newspapers could not be completed. Thanks all, and happy new year!”

“How can we transmit information that is meaningful to readers? It is the thought that every members in The Postech Times keep in mind when publishing a newspaper. It is a newspaper published through a lot of discussion, so I hope it could reach out for readers useful. The Postech Times will continue to strive to become a newspaper that is closest to the readers. “