4th ‘Introducing my research’ Held
4th ‘Introducing my research’ Held
  • Reporter Kim Seo-yeon
  • 승인 2018.12.12 13:43
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This year's IMR winner, Bu Ga-yun, is giving a speech on DNA replication
This year's IMR winner, Bu Ga-yun, is giving a speech on DNA replication


On Nov. 29, POSTECH held the 4th ‘Introducing my research’ (IMR) from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M. at the C5 Conference Hall. IMR is a science speech contest where the competitors introduce their research to a wide range of audience for three minutes without using a PPT but just a few tools that can be held by hand. The key to the contest is how well they explain and deliver their major to the audience, and all Postechians - graduate students, undergraduates, researchers, professors – can enter the contest. IMR was inspired by FameLab - a British science communication competition - and is run under the consent of the BRITISH COUNCIL and KOFAC - Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity.
The event was kicked off with a talk brought by the first-generation science communicator Lee Eun-hee - pen name Harihara - called ‘Talk Science by Harihara: How do you make people listen to Science?’ Afterwards, seven graduates competed in the three-minute science speech contest; they were judged by Lee Eun-hee, Professor Kim Ki-heung (HSS), and Jeong Hwa-Pyeong (ME, Ph.D. Integrated), winner of the second IMR. This year’s winner was Bu Ga-yun (PHYS, Ph.D. Integrated) who gave a speech on DNA replication by polymerase δ and polymerase η.
Following, there was a session where the audience could participate in the event. The audience partook in ‘Post-it Introducing My Research’, where they wrote acronyms using three Korean letters ‘Nae’, ‘Yeon’, ‘So’ (the Korean abbreviation of IMR), and English letters T, M, I - on post-it notes to introduce their own researches. There was also a Poster Q&A session where the audience viewed posters on the speakers’ researches, wrote questions they would like to ask the speakers on post-it notes, and stuck them on the posters. Later, a few from these post-it notes were announced, and the owners of these post-it notes won prizes such as Bluetooth speakers, karaoke microphones, and companion plants.

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