Photoacoustic Microscope Opens Possibility of Pathological Analysis
Photoacoustic Microscope Opens Possibility of Pathological Analysis
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2018.12.12 13:41
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Prof. Kim Chul-hong (CiTE)


A research team led by Professor Kim Chul-hong(CiTE) has developed a photoacoustic microscopy (PAM) that allows real-time observation of tiny blood vessels or cells in a living tissue. The photorealistic microscope will allow for more detailed pathological analyses of various diseases, such as cancer and brain tumors. The research was selected as a cover article in the Journal of Biopotonics, an international journal on optics.
The researchers looked to PAM to observe tiny blood vessels in the living body. By lighting the intended area to investigate the area with a few nanoseconds of long light, the light absorbing material produces a microscopic ultrasound, which is called the photoacoustic effect. The PAM is a microscope that can visualize these ultrasonic waves, and the blood vessels in particular respond very sensitive to light, so the PAM can observe even small capillaries clearly.
Prof. Kim Chul-hong and his team worked with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research to inject new blood vessels linked to tumors in mice with brain tumors. They were able to successfully observe the healing process though the optical and acoustic imaging technology. This technology is expected to be a great step forward for the development of new drugs for cancer treatment.

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