Open Innovation and POSTECH
Open Innovation and POSTECH
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he Opening ceremony of Futre City Open Innovation Center
The Opening ceremony of Futre City Open Innovation Center


 Being a value creating university is one of the goals that POSTECH pursues. To achieve this, Kim Doh-Yeon, the president of POSTECH has emphasized the notion ‘Open innovation’. Open innovation means creating new products and services while outsourcing technologies and ideas that companies need. It is not about monopolizing ideas, but about sharing intellectual property with the outside world. Compared to existing R&D, open innovation ultimately helps capabilities to cross the boundaries of innovation.

For example, there is a company named Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). PARC gathered the best individuals specializing in research. It invested in R&D and corporate management was also efficient. PARC came up with cutting-edge technologies like laser printing, distributed computing, object-oriented programming, graphical user interfaces, etc. However, PARC was unsuccessful in creating value because it failed to find relevant business opportunities. Professor Henry Chesbrough of UC Berkeley analyzed this case and coined the word ‘open innovation’, which changes the internal monopoly system to an external opening and utilizing one.

The Open, share campus with Yonsei University can be seen as another, but close example of open innovation. POSTECH is known for its research abilities and infrastructure, while Yonsei University holds advantages in the field of humanities and social sciences. Concentrating on each other’s strong points can be interpreted as closed innovation, of which results are restricted. Interconnectedness maximizes the rate of success. Each side can share resources that are lacking and minimize the transaction of overlapping resources.

The Future City Open Innovation Center (FOIC) and Open Innovation Big Data Center (OIBC) was founded recently by POSTECH. OIBC is made under FOIC to act as a platform for collecting big data. Both centers act as the hub for connecting education, research and startups based on open innovation. Future City enhances life convenience and efficiency combining IT technologies such as big data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence with energy, health care and environmental technologies. FOIC aims to create economic value by nurturing venture companies and attracting anchor companies based on POSTECH’s research infrastructure. Other goals are embodying the solution to future city, and exporting future city business. For this, FOIC is expected to utilize the Jigok regions outstanding potential, as a test bed for smart city technologies.