The Joint Speech Session of Candidates for SU and FSU Held
The Joint Speech Session of Candidates for SU and FSU Held
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2018.11.07 14:43
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Student Leadership Election Committee (SLEC) held the joint speech session of candidate campaigns for Senior Leadership of Student Union of POSTECH (SU) and Female Student Union (FSU) on Oct. 30. During the session, candidates announced their election promises and had a question period. It was broadcasted live by PBS, and several students attended and gave out questions about candidates’ election promises. Because there was no candidate for Dormitory Union (DU) until the last day for the candidate registration, Oct. 22, the election for representatives of  DU will be conducted by DU, not SLEC.

Lee Ho-hyeong (MSE 14)
Lee Ho-hyeong (MSE 14)


Lee Ho-hyeong (MSE 14) and his running mate Choi Myeong-hwan (IME 15) run for Senior Leadership of SU with the candidate campaign ‘Ak-bo’, which means sheet music. Their main values are ‘student-making POSTECH culture’ and ‘student-leading open/share campus with Yonsei University’. Lee said, “I think this is the biggest change in POSTECH for next decades. And, students’ opinions should be reflected in this change.” What they are planning to practice are ‘campus for everyone’, ‘more convenient campus’, and ‘abiding student society’. These include regular inspections about hidden cameras, simplifying procedures of deduction for medical expenses, opening lecture rooms during exam period, sharing Wi-Fi information of lecture rooms, increasing benefits for full members of SU, and others.

Park Ha-yun (CHEM 17, left) and Kim Chae-rim (MSE 17)
Park Ha-yun (CHEM 17, left) and Kim Chae-rim (MSE 17)


Park Ha-yun (CHEM 17) and her running mate Kim Chae-rim (MSE 17) run for Senior Leadership of FSU with the candidate campaign ‘Dan-bi’, which means the right amount of rainfalls where it is needed, in Korean. Park said, “We will be the association which approaches with the right policies and activities where you need us, without forgetting the three most important goals. Their slogans are ‘more passionate FSU’ and ‘more practical FSU’. They are planning to inherit and improve major services of current FSU, including FSU supporters, newsletter ‘Yeo-bo-se-yo’, anonymous reporting channel, and activating female physical activities, and try new ones, including monthly campaigns for cultivating female rights, solidarity at various levels, holding a briefing session about menstrual cups, and others. There were questions about a financiallem and differentiation with MODAM. Kim answered, “The issue of minority human rights should be fragmented, not merging, for specialty and being the person directly involved.” Park added, “I think SU membership fee is not for using equally for people who paid, but for using appropriately where it is needed. Because it is used where it is needed, it is not a problem for FUS to spend SU membership fee.”

The election campaign will be held from Oct. 27 to Dec. 6, and the voting will be conducted for two days, Dec. 7 and 8.

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