GSIT Introduces the ‘Nano Master’ Program first in the Country
GSIT Introduces the ‘Nano Master’ Program first in the Country
  • Reporter Kim Seo-yeon
  • 승인 2018.11.07 14:39
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Poster of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain of GSIT
Poster of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain of GSIT


The POSTECH Graduate School of Information Technology(GSIT) will be the first to introduce an online short-term master’s courses called the ‘Nano Master’ program out of all Korean universities. The online courses will focus on popular current fields in Korea – specifically blockchain and artificial intelligence.

GSIT will offer a few courses of the blockchain and artificial intelligence master’s degree online; if one completes all quizzes, assignments, projects, and exams and acquires a grade of at least 70% from the online course, GSIT will accept the equivalent offline course as ‘completed’. Furthermore, if one is to start the master’s degree after completing such online courses, a maximum of six credits from the online courses will be granted.

Three courses are offered: ‘Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency’, ‘Smart Contracts & Applications’, and ‘Machine Learning’.  These online courses are considered the same level of difficulty as POSTECH’s offline master’s courses, and one can earn three credits from each course.

GSIT hopes that these online courses will be a great help to people currently working who cannot start the master’s degree due to time constraints, but require education on block chain and artificial intelligence immediately. Moreover, GSIT plans to increase the maximum number of credits granted from online courses, recognizing the policies of the Ministry of Education.

There is no upper limit to the number of students taking the courses. In addition, GSIT is also offering majors and practitioners ‘GSIT MOOC program’, an intensive program related to the development of big data, the internet of things (IoT), the 5G network and software.

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