POSTECH Microscope: Feelings on the Oversea Korean Admission Being Abolished
POSTECH Microscope: Feelings on the Oversea Korean Admission Being Abolished
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2018.11.07 14:34
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Yoon Jo-hyun (Mueunjae 18) at the interview
Yoon Jo-hyun (Mueunjae 18) at the interview


From 2019, the “Oversea Korean Admission” is to be abolished, and to gather opinion on the matter, a fellow student, Yoon Cho-hyun (Mueunjae 18), a student that got into POSTECH through the ‘Oversea Korean Admission’, was interviewed.

When asked to give a brief explanation on what are the requirements on oversea Korean admission are, he replied, “A student needs to meet the one of three categories in order to apply. The first category is students who have been living with their parents in a foreign country for more than two years. However, these students must have attended a foreign school with their parents for more than 2 consecutive years including one year of high school or have attended secondary foreign school with their parents for more than 3 years, including one year of high school. The second category is students who have completed 12 years of full-time education at a foreign school. This means that students must have completed elementary, middle and high school courses in a foreign land. The last category is a foreign student whose parents are all foreigners.”

Then, naturally the question of ‘is there any cons to that admission?’ was thrown, and the reply was, “The Downside is, as it can be seen in the three categories, not all overseas Korean students can meet the restrictions for this college admission option. Considering there is admission option run by a quote system, which means the school has to select exactly six people who applied in this pool, there are many downsides to this admission option. Students could have studied aboard for 11 years without their parents is not eligible to apply in the Oversea Korean Admission because they did not meet the restrictions. This means that they have to apply in the regular early decision admission option and compete with domestic Koreans who have very different backgrounds.”

When asked to give his thought on what this means for the future, he replied, “It seems POSTECH considering all the downsides has announced that the school will no longer have a special pool designated for international students starting from the 2019 admission. But, from my knowledge, this does not mean that the school will no longer accept international students. This just means that the school will consider international and domestic Koreans in the same pool. By removing the Overseas Korean Admission option, school will be able to get rid of the existing quota system and make flexible decisions for selecting overseas Koreans. From my understanding, the school can decide to accept twenty overseas Koreans if there are many outstanding candidates or not select any international students if they are not deemed suitable.”

To finalize the interview, his final thoughts on the matter was, “From all this, I strongly believe that the school is going in the right direction. It seems POSTECH realized the importance of diversity and tried and is still trying their best to balance the admission for international and domestic students.”

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