POSTECH IME, Beyond the Korean Best
POSTECH IME, Beyond the Korean Best
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2018.10.10 19:28
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The panorama of campus of POSTECH
The panorama of campus of POSTECH


In ‘2018 JoongAng Daily University Evaluation (JDUE)’, POSTECH IME ranked ‘the best’, which means it is within the top 10% of industrial engineering departments in Korea. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Seoul National University ranked the same grade.

JDUE is the first university evaluation program in Korea and has been carried out since 1994. POSTECH was not rated last few years because the evaluation was carried out on four-year universities with four or more colleges of humanities, social sciences, engineering, natural sciences, medicine, and arts. This year, JDUE selected academic departments that are interested in students and parents from science and engineering and humanities and social sciences; industrial engineering, energy and nuclear engineering, and nursing were selected for science and engineering part. 

Thirty-four universities which have industrial engineering department were rated based on ten indicators. Four were about professors’ research capacity and condition and six were about students’ education condition and achievements. The indicator values were calculated with public data from the Higher Education in KOREA service and research capability data from National Research Foundation of Korea. According to the total score, the universities were rated ‘the best’ (top 10%), ‘good’ (25%), or ‘pretty fair’ (50%).

POSTECH IME ranked in top 10, except for only two indicators, and ranked in top 2 for five indicators. The indicator values are following: 2.65 (the number of international papers per professor), 1.80 (citation counts per international paper), 392 million KRW (extramural research funds per professor), 8.5 (the number of students per professor), 64.0% (scholarship-to-tuition ratio), 100% (lasting employment rate), 0% (wastage rate), and 34.2% (work experience rate). Values of intramural research funds per professor and net employment rate are not available because the JoongAng Daily released specific values of top 10 universities in each indicator.

Professor Kim Byung-in, the head of department IME, expressed his impressions that “it is a glad news and the inspiring result for all our members’ efforts.” He said it is no wonder that POSTECH IME is the Korean best and spoke of POSTECH IME’s aspiration to be the world’s best beyond it. He also mentioned about the reliability of the result from a press company and importance of internal stability. According to Prof. Kim, for ensuring internal stability, all members including the faculty, students, and alumni have to do their best. He said, “Still, it is students that are most important. With this result, it is good that they can feel pride that they are studying and growing up in the best department.”

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