Human Muscle Like In Vitro Muscle Regeneration Developed
Human Muscle Like In Vitro Muscle Regeneration Developed
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2018.10.10 19:07
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Prof. Dong W. Cho
Prof. Dong W. Cho

A joint research team consisting of Professor Cho Dong-woo (ME), Kim Dong-sung (ME), Dr. Choi Young-jin (ME), and Professor Park Sung-jea of Korea University of Technology and Education have developed artificial muscles that replicate human muscles substantially more than before. They achieved this by utilizing the extracellular matrix of the muscle cell and deep X-ray lithography technology.


The research team developed a cell culture board with smooth wave patterns measuring tens of micrometers using deep X-ray therapy technology. This substrate has a wave pattern like the shape of an actual human skeletal muscle, which can lead muscle cells to grow in one direction. By using this technology, muscle tissue can be created in a form similar to humans, more than twice as much compared to previous accomplishments.

If this technology is commercialized, stability and performance of new drugs for treating muscle-related diseases can be safely assessed outside of the body. The paper was published as a cover article for the International Journal of Materials Chemistry on Sep. 12.

It is expected to broaden understanding of the still unknown areas of signal transmission between thoughts, nerves, muscles, and ultimately contribute to the development of bio-signal based prosthetic devices.

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