POSTECH Microscope: a Student in the Fitness Room
POSTECH Microscope: a Student in the Fitness Room
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2018.09.19 20:57
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Lee Do-hyun, in the fitness room that was newly renovated.
Lee Do-hyun, in the fitness room that was newly renovated.


After replacement of old equipment, there looked more people in the gymnasium fitness room than before. There was a freshman in sweatsuit of POSTECH rowing team, Lee Do-hyun (Mueunjae 18).

“Today was the first day for my class to go the gym for Physical Fitness class (GEDU151). You know, the main entrance is closed except for special events and we should use the side entrance. By the way, only I and my two friends went to the side door and I realized that many students seldom use the fitness room.”

“When I decided to enter POSTECH, firstly I searched for the library and the gymnasium. I also found there is POSPLEX, but I thought it would be better to check the gymnasium first, and it was actually good. Moreover, it is free of charge.”

“Inside the fitness room is not well ventilated, and it is slightly different from POSPLEX, the professional one. It is much more like the one, fitness centers in newly built apartments. There was only some fitness equipment like the centers in apartments. Moreover, some components were missed, the equipment were old, and some were unbalanced. The stench of people who have used them remained, and it smelled not so good.”

“I did leg curls today, a new one, and it was really nice. The old equipment except for only three or four, were put in the corner, keeping people away from them. Except them, every equipment got replaced.”

“I had planned to go workout on the dates on which the replacement was planned, so I searched and got to know it was thanks to the sponsorship. After waiting, the fitness room got much better, and moreover, while the spaces between equipment was wide before the replacement, the room became more solid.”

“Usually I go to the gym in the morning, from 6:30 to 8, before starting the day. Because when I consider workout as a task, it disturbs other tasks. I think it would be better to do this as a kind of ceremony.”

“There are not so many people, except for some seniors I steadily meet. Also, quite a few professors come. I’ve met Prof. Ryu Sung-ho of life science department, I had dinner with him at the same table at the retreat event, so I bowed to him but maybe he didn’t see me. Sometimes when I have spare time in the afternoon and go to the gym for extra workout, I could meet Prof. Kim Sang-uk, Dean of Office of Admissions and Student Affairs. Especially during the summer vacation, I think because he is the director of the basketball team, he did light exercise before go to coach them.”

“I’m not much close to people there, yet. Anyway, there is a graduate who exchange greetings with, though I don’t know his name. He taught me how to exercise and corrected postures. Postechians are all kind and always give help when asked.”