Alumni Corporation Neuromeka Donates 50 million KRW to POSTECH
Alumni Corporation Neuromeka Donates 50 million KRW to POSTECH
  • Reporter Lee Seung-Joo
  • 승인 2018.05.30 21:05
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▲President Kim Doh-Yeon (left) and Park Jong-hun
▲President Kim Doh-Yeon (left) and Park Jong-hun

President Kim Doh-Yeon and Neuromeka representative Park Jong-hun hold together the certificate of gratitude.

On May 8, Park Jong-hun, representative of alumni corporation Neuromeka donated 50 million KRW as a scholarship to Mechanical Engineering graduate students. POSTECH President Kim expressed his gratitude by presenting him with a certificate of gratitude. This money is to be used to support outstanding students who have reported sincere progress in research related to the field of mechanical engineering and robotics.

Neuromeka Corporation is a company established by a group of POSTECH alumni. Its representative, Park Jong-hun is a POSTECH Mechanical Engineering graduate who matriculated in 1988. They have released INDY, a made-in-Korea robot designed for industrial purposes, which operates on the basis of Neuromeka’s original robot control software and imbedded controller, and is currently in the process of mass production. They also have established Smart & Connected Robot Center and a manufacturing headquarters in POSTECH’s C5 building.

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