Unsavory Occurrence in the Graduate Student’s Apt.
Unsavory Occurrence in the Graduate Student’s Apt.
  • Reporter Lee Ha-jun
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▲POSTECH Graduate Student’s Apt
▲POSTECH Graduate Student’s Apt

On April 11, an article was posted on the school Suggestions board, ‘About an unsavory event in the graduate student’s apartment’. The writer, a graduate student (student A), explained the incident as follows: Student A officially requested for a light bulb change in her apartment’s bathroom through the school website POVIS: Report facility problem. Her roommate was on a business trip, so she was alone that night. The next day, she was awoken by a pounding sound on her door. Shortly after, her phone started to ring and as she answered, a man introduced himself as the service engineer. The man said he came to fix the light bulb and asked for the entrance lock password because nobody was present. She figured she could just close the bedroom door and let him in. Student A told him the password and heard the man enter her apartment. However, after the the man finished working in the bathroom, student A heard the living room curtains draw, and the balcony door open. The man then walked into her bedroom and sat on the bed where she was lying. Student A had pulled the cover up to her head earlier, so it was not certain whether the man knew she was present or not. He eventually left the bedroom, but came into the bedroom once again. He pulled the bed covers down, saw student A, and ran out of the apartment without a word. Student A asked for an official response from the school about this incident.

The POSTECH facilities management team replied with an apology and a promise to take immediate action in order to prevent recurrences. On April 13, an article was posted containing the new measures. Specifically: ‘a phone call must be made prior to a scheduled visit’, ‘in the case of female dorms, a female employee must accompany, and if this is difficult, there must be at least two employees’; ‘work in female dorms must be held after 1:30 P.M.’; ‘entrance doors must be open while working’; and ‘education for all the employees regarding female dorms’.

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