Success Determining Conditions
Success Determining Conditions
  • Kim Do-yeong (IME 17)
  • 승인 2018.05.10 09:58
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Everybody pursues his or her success. Someone wants to make a big company, or somebody wants to be a great instructor who influences thousands of people. To approach their dream, most of them study their own field, sometimes try to persuade the venture capital, and struggle with the person who mocks his or her dream. Nevertheless, the people who appear on a TV show and brag their adversity are so few. Where are all the people who burned their countless nights for their success? This phenomenon makes me doubt the conditions of success.

Frankly speaking, most of success is triggered by ‘luck’. I am not saying that all endeavors that we do for success are useless. If we pursue our goals constantly, that goal certainly comes true. The problem is, that we do not know when our success is achieved, it may be ten years or even a hundred years. The timing totally depends on luck. The most common form of luck is personal connection. If Tyson did not meet Cus D’Amato, his great coach, could he grasp his championship belt? Without Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett would have gone on a different path. You cannot control the influence of human relationship. Generally, we make relationships because of his or her personality, not the assets. You cannot even know the whole assets that a person has. The place and time of your birth can be another luck. If things you love are regarded as minor taste, you have less possibility for success. Or if your native language is non-English, you are initially disconnected with English speaker, which consists a significant proportion of total population.

Again, I am not pessimistic toward effort to success. If we want to succeed, corresponded effort must be performed. Only timing is out of control of individual. In this situation, what considerable actions should we choose? In most cases, what we are trying to do and what we have to do are different. That is because, generally what we have to do is the way that nation prepares for us, which does not consider each aptitude but ensures some extent of wage at least. On the other hand, our success strongly depends on individual’s values and high uncertainty. Then, do we have to give up what we have to do, and concentrate our whole life on what we like? The answer is no. Because our timing of success is the one that we cannot decide, we have to prepare plan B. That is the thing that we should do. Plan B provides you to some money and power to constantly pursue your plan A. Furthermore, the existence of plan B make the individual more rational and objective. According to a statistic, the probability that people who prepare foundation without resignation are fail is less 33% than the probability with resignation. In addition, the founder of Apple, HP, Google also prepare their business during their previous work. When you have to do your plan B, it seems people who invest their whole time in plan A get far ahead of you. But remember, in this long-term marathon, passion and willpower itself cannot carry you to the finish line.

Many Postechains may have their own dream, or still seek their success. This is a desirable phenomenon. However, the more you dig into your dream, it is difficult to balance plan A and plan B. You will exaggerate your ability and be optimistic about your success. Whenever you are drunk in your dream, communicate with your society. Get the healthy feedback, and adjust your real plan.