4th Anniversary of MV Sewol Disaster: “We Must Remember”
4th Anniversary of MV Sewol Disaster: “We Must Remember”
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2018.04.18 16:38
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▲Citizens marching with name cards MV Sewol disaster victims / Nocut News
▲Citizens marching with name cards MV Sewol disaster victims / Nocut News

On April 16, 2014, Motor Vessel (MV) Sewol heading from Incheon to Jeju Island sank near Jindo, incurring heavy casualties, especially young students from Danwon High School. Many associations, media and people grieved over the loss and went for the ascertainment of truth behind the disaster. With much details exempted, it was revealed that the crisis was insufficiently handled by the captain and crews on the board, and the government’s response was late and clumsy. The MV Sewol disaster became a symbolic event to be constantly remembered and reflected on. This year, South Korea greets 4th anniversary of MV Sewol Disaster. With much tears shed on the loss and mistreatment of the disaster at that time, many ceremonies were held across the nation.

At Mokpo port where the MV Sewol has been refloated and arrived at, the bereaved and citizens gathered to once again reflect over the disaster and deliver condolences for the loss. Park Rye-gun, the joint representative of 4.16 association said, “MV Sewol will be erected by this May, and further investigations of the interior of the ship will be executed.” Where the MV Sewol could be actually seen, the people once again resolved that complete revelation of truth behind MV Sewol disaster is the only way to remember it.

At Hwarang Recreation Area located in Ansan, a huge scale of memorial service was held. Holding yellow papers (yellow ribbon is the symbol of MV Sewol disaster) with 304 names of casualties written on them, the service was progressed with heavy atmosphere. The reverend Park In-han who gave a sermon during the service said, “We must not forget the violence done to the innocents in the name of nation.”

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