Commencement Address For The 2017 Academic Year
Commencement Address For The 2017 Academic Year
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Proud graduates of POSTECH! I extend the warmest of my heartfelt praise and congratulations as you receive your illustrious degrees and embark towards your next adventure.
In addition, I would like to express the most special of gratitude to the parents for their enduring devotion and love, and to the professors for their passionate guidance during this long academic pilgrimage. Furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to convey recognition and deep gratitude to Chairman Ohjoon Kwon, Mrs. Okja Jang, the widow of the late Founding Chairman Tae-Joon Park, distinguished guests, and fellow POSTECH members for taking time from your busy schedules in joining us.
Today’s momentous commencement is made even more joyous as we welcome our newest alumni member, Chairman Chin Kyu Huh. I salute the challenging and innovative life of Chairman Huh who spearheaded the furtherance of the materials and parts field, the bedrock of all other industries.
My dear Postechians!
Our Founding Tenet can be summarized as follows: “Foster global talents with knowledge and wisdom, and contribute to society and humanity through dissemination of outstanding research outcomes to industry.” All of you will now conclude your chapter at POSTECH and stride into the vast open world. I sincerely wish for all our graduates to keep this calling inscribed close to your hearts wherever your odyssey may take you.
Imbuing meaning to your own works creates a calling. You must tirelessly seek a creative path by pursuing your endeavors with hope and courage. It is your mission to propel society upwards by creating knowledge and socio-economic value through academic research achievements or technological advancements. You will undoubtedly experience moments of failure, but do not be disheartened. Pick yourself up and charge forward again. The city of Pohang, where you have spent much of your blossoming days, is in reality the heart of the Korean challenging spirit. Exactly fifty years ago, your fellow Pohang citizens accomplished the impossible by building POSCO upon the sandy shores of Youngilman. POSTECH inherited that spirit as evidenced by our school motto: creativity and challenge. You yourselves must nurture creativity and challenge into your own daily lives.
No one can tell you what the future will look like. However, it is a certainty that the world is getting smaller. As the once absolute boundaries of nations and cultures fade away, unbounded competition as well as limitless cooperation will permeate the vestiges. Expertise in your own fields is undoubtedly crucial, but affection for others and a keen sense of empathic societal sensitivity is as equally important. However, this is a difficult task with just your specialized knowledge of your majors. You must elevate your capacity and self-worth through earnest reading and learning. It is my genuine desire that you utilize your knowledge and wisdom to brighten the world and make it a warmer place for everyone.
My proud graduates!
From this day forth, POSTECH will be your alma mater. Our University has resolved to strive tenaciously towards the realization of becoming a ‘Value Creating University’ that directly contributes to the betterment of the nation and society by expanding upon our solid research-oriented foundation. We will create human value through devoted education, knowledge value through outstanding research, and socio-economic value through job creation.
I wholeheartedly look forward to your bright future and success throughout society, and all POSTECH members will ensure that you may look back at your alma mater with pride and dignity.
I will always be rooting for our graduates, and I truly wish for nothing but the best in all your endeavors.
Thank you.

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