Spiders’ Tip Becomes Mouth of Paralyzed Patients
Spiders’ Tip Becomes Mouth of Paralyzed Patients
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
  • 승인 2018.02.09 12:29
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Professor Lim Geun-bae (ME), Jeon Hyung-kook (ME, Postdoc Associates), and Cho Seong-jin from ChungNam National University, have developed a metal layer nano structure that is inspired from a spider’s foot. The research team analyzed the movement of the joints, but also the structure of the spider’s foot to develop a system that can detect minute movements. They emulated foot structures to create nanoscale cracks, and used these structures to create sensors that detect deformation rate and elasticity. In particular, the study allows sensors to be used to measure large movements at joints, as well as to measure smaller ones, such as pulse, by maximizing the measuring range of the sensors through the optimization of nano-crack structures. They also unveiled a system that enables paralyzed patients to communicate with people using tiny movements in their fingertips, or by using blinks and Morse code. The sensors can be used not only in self-diagnosed smart health care systems, but also in medical robots, and has distinct advantages for commercialization by using a simple and inexpensive process compared to other sensors.

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