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Nano-Machine Developed For Breast Cancer
[393호] 2018년 02월 09일 (금) Reporter Lee Ha-jun .
Professor Kim Won-jong (CHEM) and his students, Kim Jin-hwan (CHEM, Ph.D.), Park Hyeong-mok (CHEM, Ph. D. candidate) have developed a nano-machine that can be used for breast cancer treatment. The type of treatment for breast cancer is decided by whether it is positive to estrogen, progesterone, or a type of cell membrane protein, HER2 receptor. However, if all are negative, it is hard to treat and is called a triple-negative cancer. The nano-machine developed by the research team uses three treatments at once, showing significant effects against the tumor. The machine is composed of a gold nanoparticle with DNA double helix attached to it. An antitumor agent is placed between the double helix, and when this machine meets acidic condition of the cancer, the helix untwists, emitting the agent. Also, these nano-machines aggregate with each other inside the tumor, and when light is illuminated, the aggregate emits heat, attacking the tumor. A photosensitizer inside the machine also emits a reactive oxygen species that attacks the tumor. Prof. Kim siad, “Using one nano-machine to provide diverse treatments at once can be used extensively.” This development is announced in Advanced Functional Materials.
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