POSTEHC, Warm Winter With Handong University
POSTEHC, Warm Winter With Handong University
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2018.01.01 15:40
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▲ Message of encouragement for Handong University posted on POSTECH campus electronic board
As a show of support for Handong University, which suffered heavily from a series of earthquakes last month, POSTECH made a donation of 33 million KRW on Dec. 16; donations that had been gathered by students and staff in-campus. POSTECH posted banners to support Handong University and proceeded with the ‘donation campaign for Handong University’ for ten days, from Dec. 21  to the 30th . In addition, POSTECH allowed free access of the library for Handong University students until their school’s library, which was damaged by the earthquake, has been fully repaired.
Also, Professor Lee Kun-hong (CHEM), the head of the department of Chemistry, officially announced that university lecture rooms will be provided, so that Handong University students can use them whenever needed. Handong University is currently in the stage of renovating and restoring the damaged buildings on campus.
Although the dormitory buildings in Handong University are yet to be fully restored, those students who are staying in Pohang for the winter semester can use the POSTECH dormitory with the same boarding expense of 7500 KRW per day.
President Kim Doh-Yeon said “POSTECH wholeheartedly commiserates with Handong University students for their suffering from the earthquake. The donation campaign for Handong University and other campaigns were suggested voluntarily by students and Postech staff. During the donation campaign, contributions far beyond our expectations’ were gathered; showing know how much Postechians care about Handong University.” President Kim also added that “as another university in Pohang, POSTECH will share the sorrow and willingly be a reliable ally for Handong University’s recovery."