‘Molecules of the Year’- Triazenyl Radicals
‘Molecules of the Year’- Triazenyl Radicals
  • Reporter Park Heewon
  • 승인 2018.01.01 15:37
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‘Triazenyl radicals’, which were synthesized by Professor Lee Eun-sung (CHEM) and Baek Ji-soo (CHEM, Ph.D. Integrated), was selected as ‘Molecules of the Year’ by The American Chemical Society(ACS) Journal, Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN).Triazenyl radicals are known for their difficulty of separation. However, the research team stabilized the radicals in order to synthesize them, finding out that they can be used as an anode activator of a secondary cell. ‘Molecules of the Year’ is chosen amongst newly made molecules that have a unique molecular structure and special properties. Now, triazenyl radicals are ranked second by a 34% polling rate after ‘the biggest and the most complicated polysaccharide’ of Peking University in China.
Reporter Park Heewon

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