Development of Atopy Medicine Minus Side Effects
Development of Atopy Medicine Minus Side Effects
  • Reporter Lee Ha-jun
  • 승인 2018.01.01 15:35
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Professor Lim Hyun-suk (CHEM) and Lee Young-ju (CHEM, Ph.D. Candidate)’s research team has developed a material that can suppress the main cause of atopy by regulating abnormal protein interactions. This was a joint research project with Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation and the Institute for Basic Science. Our body activates an immune response when harmful substances enter our body. However, due to environmental or genetic causes, immune response can occur abnormally to substances such as pollen, leading to allergic inflammation disease, including atopy. The treatment for these diseases was originally steroids, suppressing immune responses or removing inflammation. However, this is not the fundamental cure, and it can lead to low immunity. The research team focused on the fact that a protein called STAT6, which has a role to signal the start of immune response is excessively activated during allergic response and it interacts with another protein called NCOA1. By blocking the interaction between these two proteins, stopping only the abnormal immune response signal became possible, without any adverse reactions. The research was announced in Journal of the American Chemical Society online.

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