Establishing a Reliable Stepping-Stone As a Value Creating University
Establishing a Reliable Stepping-Stone As a Value Creating University
  • Professor Kim Kwang-jaw (IME)
  • 승인 2018.01.01 15:29
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In the Analects of Confucius, he claims ‘I-rip’, meaning that fundamentals of learning are established at the age of 30. At this stage, one’s knowledge from learning and perspective make an alignment and values are settled firmly. POSTECH also announced a Value Creating University as a new goal in 2016, for celebrating its 30th anniversary, the age of ‘I-rip’.
Value Creating University, based on the cultivation of talents and knowledge through education and researching, promotes the creation of social and economic benefits to directly contribute to the development of the society. Although it may sound unfamiliar, this actually contains the fundamental founding philosophy of POSTECH. According to the philosophy, POSTECH was founded to cultivate academic talents and serve the nation and humanities by providing detailed research resulted from the cooperation of industry, academics and researchers. Although there may be several differences in words, the message is the same.
Looking around us, it seems even more clear why POSTECH must aim for the Value Creating University. With drastic change of the education paradigm into fostering academic and integral talents with creativity, the competition between universities for securing such talented students and winning contracts for research topics is getting more intense. Also, the society is looking forward to the contribution from major universities to solve social issues. Within such context, POSTECH announced the vision as a Value Creating University, and during 2017, POSTECH focused on preparing new policies to render the goal come to the realization.
POSTECH is aiming to execute those policies to lay the firm foundation as the Value Creating University. Arranging a customized educational system by selecting every new undergraduate freshman with their majors undetermined is the main key of such foundation. Not only practicing already reorganized curriculum, but also execute customized support and largely extend cultural space for students to promote communication, socializing, and creativity. POSTECH will carry forward innovative education based on POSTECHx, activation of SES programs, and lectures of entrepreneurship. As the policies for creating exceptional research achievements and academic values, maintenance of superb staffs, providing deserving treatment and honor for the professors who demonstrate excellent educational and researching skills, excavating high impact researches, etc will be carried out. Lastly, for creating social and economic values, reinforcement of cooperation between industries through industrial-academic collaborative research center, fostering POSTECH fund, constructing University+City platform for coexistence and development of the university and local society, etc will be executed to construct vivid environment suit for start-ups and various industrial-academic cooperation.
Above all things, safety of the campus must be enhanced. Also, residential environment must be continuously improved to provide more safe and pleasant educational and research environment.
If all of these plans are faithfully practiced, the realization of the Value Creating University will no longer be a mere dream. This will be the driving force for POSTECH in leading the future development and steadily follow the founding philosophy of POSTECH. I sincerely look forward to active support and participation from every Postechian.