Professor Park Chan-gyung Awarded ‘Honorable Domin Prize’
Professor Park Chan-gyung Awarded ‘Honorable Domin Prize’
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2017.12.06 00:59
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Professor Park Chan-gyung (MSE) was awarded the ‘2017 Honorable Domin Prize in Science and Technology’ on Oct. 23. Since appointed as one of the founding Professors of POSTECH in 1986, he is currently the chair-professor of The Material and Science Engineering Department and the president of the National Institute of Nanomaterial Technology. Also, he successively served as the president of the Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity, the Korean Society of Microscopy, and the Korean Infrastructure Organization for Nanotechnology, solidifying his academic credenetials around the world. Prof. Park was awarded the Domin Prize for contributing to the local development of science and technology with his research based on fine structure and chemical analysis.